Sunday, November 4, 2007


So much for keeping up with this blog! I haven't updated in a good three weeks or so. I should be going to sleep soon, so I'll keep this short.
  • The new Mac OS X is absolutely beautiful. I noticed some kinks in Leopard within the first hour after installation, but overall it's been a superb experience.
  • Anyone who calls him or herself a fan of The Fray is a fool if all they've heard is How to Save a Life. I bought the Reason EP on iTunes last week and it's awesome squared.
  • Something's odd about October 23rd. Last year, it was the day I got into my huge accident and the day I promised myself I'd become a safe driver—that means no speeding, no rushing, no tailgating, always using turn signals, everything. A year later, I get a ticket on the exact same day for something ridiculous (making a right turn followed by a u-turn to sidestep the "no left turn between 7-9am" signs plastered all over the South Miami residential area). I had no idea it was the anniversary of my accident, so in no way was I "channeling bad energy" or any crap like that.
  • Lan is officially my favorite restaurant. That's right, #1.
  • I'm (pseudo-)officially a physics major. How I went from journalism to anything science-related is beyond me. We'll see if next semester's combination of calculus and physics kicks my ass or not. If it doesn't, physics will be official.
  • Speaking of next semester, once that comes around I'll be working 9-5 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, thank goodness. I've been struggling this term to make 12 or so hours a week at the office. Starting January, I'll easily fit in 20 hours a week into my job.

Short enough?

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Updating any time soon?

Remember the month is almost over!