Tuesday, November 1, 2011

funny how life works

Just a couple of days after my emo "I'm broke" blog post, I got a call from a legal agency about an immediate job opening. (They called me last Wednesday afternoon and I started on Thursday!) It's a contract paralegal gig at a giant financial services corporation in Midtown. Today was Day 4 and I. am. exhausted. I'd rather be tired than funemployed, though. Or so I tell myself.

I have to admit that the work day is somewhat of a blur. Between intense New Yorkers speed-walking to get to their destination, cramped subway cars and the increasingly cold climate, the morning rush is not my favorite part of the day. The job itself is easy, but tedious and lengthy as well. However, this is a legit place, unlike the chonga-ass office where I worked in Miami. Back then, the days were marked by my boss' mood swings and inappropriate comments, antiquated ways of getting stuff done, and strict lines (colored with mutual shit-talking) between the attorneys and the staff. I'm thankful for the job experience but I'm more thankful I can look back on it and say I got out.

This is a lot of adjusting to do at once. (To go from apathetically job-hunting to working full-time; to wearing a suit every day instead of jeans and a plaid shirt; to bracing the "cold" on a daily basis without choice; etc.) I'm almost positive I'll make it out alright—but I won't know for sure until I've survived the winter.

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