Friday, February 4, 2011

en la jaula de mis pensamientos

On March 19, 2005—almost six years ago—I wrote the following in my blog at the time:

And thinking of that life in the future makes me smile, because one day, it'll come. One day, I'll wake up and be thankful that I have full control over where my life turns and will be able to look forward to new things and new life lessons – every day.

So that day came. Sooner than I anticipated, I'm sure, for my 16-year-old self. But it came, I'm genuinely content, life is mostly great, yadda yadda. Tonight, however, before taking a trip down Memory Lane and reading through old LiveJournal entries, I sat here asking myself if I'm working too much.

A brief perusal of some old school writings indicates that was the case back in the day. Some things never change. But this year, I can feel it.

It's starting to catch up to me.


Anonymous said...

I remember when you wrote that ish.


Mauricio said...

haha at least one of us does