Thursday, December 3, 2009

past due

Need to start blogging again! I've been procrastinating for too long and thinking too much about starting to write again. I need to just sit down and type away whatever's on my mind—isn't that the nature of blogging anyway?

Currently at work with no boss in the office. Then at 2pm I get to leave to go tutor spoiled private school students so that they don't fail the quarter. After that it looks like I'll be coming back home to pack (light), then picking up my aunt and heading to South Beach for the night. Looking forward to this impromptu family hangout!

OK, at this point I feel like I sound like a moron.

Holidays! I find it hard to explain how much or why I love this time of year. Everything slows down, most people seem to be in a good mood, and most people come home, which means they get to spend time with me--err, I get to see my close friends who've gone away to college. The only downside is the consistently dedicated airtime that Christmas melodies receive in December, because my coworkers like to listen to the radio and no station plays "Mi Burrito Sabanero" or any other non-American tune, for which I'd have slightly more tolerance.

Finally checking this off my to-do list...hopefully a more coherent, if not mentally stimulating, blog post is on the way.

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