Saturday, June 7, 2008

lo que me gusta

I like being with people. Laughing. Talking about life and love and insecurity and the future.

I like speculating.

I like the summer, which is the only time of the year I can see everyone I want to see whenever I want, work and volunteer as much as I want, and learn whatever I want outside of an institutional context. I like the idea of learning Chinese with a private teacher, without testing and grading constraints, able to advance as much or as little as I want with no pressure. I feel like I am fully responsible for how quickly I learn how to read, write, and speak. And I like that, too.

I like that I have no idea where I'll be a year or so from now. I like the prospects of a new school year: new opportunities, new people, and new classes. I like the fact that I learned from my mistake of putting all my eggs in one basket, and I like that I have a second chance to do the opposite.

I like the idea that I can be a broke college student and still spend a ton of money to go to Bonnaroo next week, because I know the experience will change me and at the end of the day it will have been worth it. I love the friends I'm going with, and I'm 99% positive that the five or six days will envelop some sense of change for them as well.

I like transistasis. I like the fact that things are changing, that I can be more open with my parents than I have ever been before, and that I finally feel like I have freedom. I like that this summer has catalyzed an internal change for me. I don't like my faults but I really like that I am starting to shift them into other things. Although they may not be eradicated, I like that I am trying.

I like my sense of undying happiness. I like having the comfort of knowing that the little things do not affect me (and even the big things will not stand in my way). I like writing for myself, which is why I like this mostly-neglected blog.

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Jane said...

me gusta los aviones, me gustas tu

your manu chao entry, I see