Monday, February 18, 2008

damn it!

Haha, why am I so bad at these things? (It's been almost two months.)

Winter break was pretty decent and this semester is going well so far. I'm working 20+ hours a week on top of six classes (how I'm pulling this off, I don't know). I start volunteering at South Miami Hospital this Sunday, which I'm really excited about. I have a project due Wednesday, another due Thursday, and a physics test coming up. PTK and Metropolis are starting to pick up speed, too, which means I'm going to be even busier in the upcoming weeks.

I turn 19 on Thursday, March 6th (WHAT?) and I'm supposed to go up to Gainesville that weekend. I'll be skipping a day of school (we have Thursday off) but I only have two classes on Friday, big deal. I actually went to Gainesville the first weekend of February and I had an awesome time! The bus broke down on the way back and I didn't get home before 2am Sunday night (which sucks because my calculus class is at 8 on Monday), but it was so worth it. Iris is an awesome host, her friends are pretty baller, and we met a lot of people. Fun times! I'm looking forward to spending my birthday there and hopefully I'll see a ton of people.

So I saw Cloverfield last month and I thought it was freaking amazing. I read a lot of haterz' negative responses (yes, haterz) to the movie, but I seriously thought it was fantastic. I also shelled out nine bucks for Meet the comment. I thought it was totally hilarious but personally wouldn't have chosen to see that in theaters.

Driving to school this semester is the best decision I could have made. I only have to commute to downtown four times a week, which barely puts a dent in my gas tank. I'm averaging at one tank every eight days, which is great. The metrorail sucks and I love being able to play my iPod (and sing along) as loud as I want. And since I'm there so early most days, I pretty much get the best parking spots in the garage.

Since I'm getting busier and busier, I removed all of my Facebook notifications, which means I won't be getting any more e-mails from the site, which means I won't be using it as often, which is good. Though, now I'm blogging again...and I just uploaded almost 100 photos to Flickr last night.

What else? Friday night, I went with Joe and MC to Sushi Samba on Lincoln Road. It was incredible! A bit pricey but so worth the money. Mmm. Now I'm hungry.

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